What Is A Research University?

What Is A Research University?

Research universities are constantly improving and changing to keep up with the times. What does a research university look like today?

The concept of a research university

A research university is a type of institution of higher education that conducts original research. A research university typically has a large number of faculty and awards a variety of degrees, including doctoral degrees. Many research universities have faculties devoted exclusively to research, and many have facilities that support scientific research.

The purpose of a research university

The purpose of a research university is to foster the development of new knowledge and to contribute to the advancement of understanding in various fields. Research universities focus on the systematic investigation of complex problems to develop innovative solutions, and they provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their field of study.

The benefits of attending a research university include access to world-class facilities and resources, opportunities for student collaboration, exposure to different areas of study, and an education that prepares students for careers in academia or industry.


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