Now simpler for businesses to go solar

The Victorian Government has widened the Solar for Organization Plan, so more businesses may entry rebates and interest-free loans to create down energy costs.

To greatly help businesses change to solar energy, the Solar for Organization Plan is giving rebates covering as much as 50%, to no more than $3500 of the installation charge of a rooftop solar system and the choice of an interest-free loan.

Plan eligibility

Corporations who own their premises and people who book may apply for the Solar for Organization rebate. All entity forms with significantly less than 50 full-time equivalent employees that operate from a non-residential premises might be entitled to rebates.

You can check out the complete eligibility criteria.

Interest-free loans

An interest-free loan can be used as much as an volume based on the offer provided to Solar Victoria. The loan volume may range between $1000 to no more than $5000.

Loans are expected to be repaid more than 12 months or 24 months, with an option to repay sooner in one single lump sum payment. The refund and loan amounts is likely to be deduced from the cost of the body – ensuring you only have to pay any remarkable balance once the system is installed.

Getting started

The most effective position to start your software could be the Solar for Organization buyer’s guide. That guide has info on different methods, facets to consider when doing your research, warranties and customer protections.

When you have performed your research you can contact an approved solar dealer visit our site to obtain a offer and begin your application.

The dealer may send the offer to Solar Victoria, and you is likely to be delivered a message directing you to the Solar for Organization portal where you could apply for a Solar for Organization refund and interest free loan.

Solar Victoria have built the application process as easy and fast as you possibly can, with just a few documents needed to apply. You will find a detailed process, along with an software movie and a guide.

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