My business is Developing a App for iPhone Which often Sentimentally Pages

By so you probably know that everyone is certainly going crazy over all the new iPhone Apps. In fact, even business executives have iPhones laden with Apps; business news, stocks, industry information, mapping, communication, and other data. There a 10s of tens of thousands of apps simply for business people, salespeople, delivery folks, and small company owners. For the remaining p Can you spy on an iPhone with just the number? Contact ortion of the population, there are apps for nearly everything in the world.

Did you realize that in January 2010 there have been some 140,000 iPhone apps and in January of 2011 there have been above 300,000? That’s insane and app-arently everyone’s gone app-crap over these applications. Well, fine, and since everybody else is creating apps, I’m going to produce one too – I’m going to produce an App for iPhone which Psychologically Profiles You by your own personal App choices currently on your own iPhone, and then I’m going to offer this app to Homeland Security so it could alert them just in case you match the profile of a “lone wolf” homegrowing, iPhone toting, terrorizing X’er.

What apps you’ve on your own Google Phone, or Apple iPhone do say a whole lot about who you’re, what you rely on, and what you care about. Are you experiencing a collection of apps that all of the eco-terrorists have? How about international terrorists? Are you experiencing apps and interests which activist groups also have? Well, do you? For this reason I do want to design an application to profile your activities and interests, and in so doing I will have the ability to get the evil doers of our time?

Do you think this could work? Well, I bet someone has recently created an application, which allows people to profile themselves based on their interests and connect with others who have the same interests as a percentage of similarity. This really is merely taking it one step further to help protect the American People, so please think over this, and send me hate-mail if you disagree! Deal? Please think over all this, and think on it.

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