Bed Bug Control In Apartments Can be very Challenging


Bed bug control in apartments has become very challenging in recent times. Many exterminators have been trying to deal with this growing issue for years now, but it is a never ending battle. They have the ability to move from one apartment to another apartment, and many people are too embarrassed to admit that they have a serious bug problem in their apartment.

Managers at the apartment complex need to take bed bug control seriously.bed bug control  By the time most tenants reach out for help with their sensitive issue, the infestation has already been going on for several months. By that time, many rooms of the apartment may be infested, or the infestation may have already spread to a second apartment.

If you are conducting bed bug control in apartments, there are several steps you need to take immediately to ensure that you can get rid of them quickly. The first step is to inspect all rooms of the apartment where the infestation is believed to have begun. If the tenants of the apartment complex don’t know how they got into the apartment, it is possible that they are coming from another apartment. You would need to have a substantial infestation in another apartment for the bed bugs to move to a different apartment, so you will want to make sure that you inspect all other apartments with adjacent walls to the infested apartment.

Tenants also tend to lie when they say they don’t know how the bugs were introduced into the apartment.

The tenant does not want to be stuck with paying the bill for the treatment, so many tenants are not going to tell the truth about how they were introduced.

In reality, the tenant should report the problem as soon as possible and with the explanation that they came from a neighboring apartment, which most likely they did. Being in the retail pest control product business, I have actually had apartment dwellers order bed bug treatment products and have them sent to another discrete address in order to disguise their problem. This behavior only intensifies the problem by ignoring the probable neighboring problem and the likelihood of their return.

Once you determine what rooms are infested, the process for treating the apartment complex is similar to treating a home. The tenant must fully cooperate with the landlord and the exterminator in getting rid of the infestation. They need to take all of their clothes out of the drawers and closets and wash everything. Nothing can be left in the room except for the bed and the furniture.


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