Arowana Treatment : Strategies for Mating Oriental Arowanas

Previously, we’ve seen many individuals who take curiosity about breeding Asian Arowanas for commercial purposes. They choose this freshwater fish among other Arowanas because so far it has the greatest commercial value especially the golden crossback, the red red and tail golden Arowanas (RTGs). These three can fetch the highest values on the planet market as the Chinese believe in their ability to bring good luck for their businesses. Subsequently, since the Chinese became more affluent using their businesses, the demand for Asian Arowanas continue steadily to become higher.

However, you will find problems with Arowana care and when breeding Asian Arowanas because they are choosy using their breeding environment. To date only few countries in Asia are successful in breeding them. They’re Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Besides these countries, no other countries or individuals have already been able to make them for commercial purposes so the success breeding rates are suprisingly low while they’re becoming in demand and more valuable.

Based on individuals who are successful breeders, the possibilities of breeding them require lots of attention and familiarity using their habitat and breeding requirements. However, they still gave the next tips if we should take the risks in propagating them.

Asian Arowanas in order to have the ability to breed need lots of wide spaces and the correct Arowana care. Since you will soon be venturing to them for business purposes you will need having many ponds and breed a minimum of 20-40 adults. Of those numbers a number of them must certanly be inside their breeding ages. You must have breeders so that if a number of the adults die you have a fresh generation of fish to count on.

Just like the breeding and proper Arowana care thi cong ho ca rong gia re, you need a sharp eye to spot adults that can handle pairing and mating. You also have to know which female or male happen to be matured for breeding. Asian male Arowanas carry their fries inside their mouths so you have to spot them well to learn when will be the right time for you to harvest these fries.

Asian Arowanas are extremely picky using their environment before they’ll breed with very specific Arowana care requirements. If you reside in a country that has extreme weather conditions that is one thing you have to deal about and can be your possible risk if you cannot control their environment according for their preference. In addition they want the right climate and optimal mix of water and soil inside their mud ponds which they need while they breed.

To date, they’re the most effective advices you could have in breeding the precious Asian Arowana fish. They are picky okay so you have to bear the consequences. If you will soon be successful in breeding them, they’ll end up like gold mine for you anyway. Arowana feeding is little of a problem because Asian Arowanas are not choosy using their foods but they would be healthier in the event that you give them live foods and sustain them with vitamins.

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