Advanced Wound Dressing Manufacturer Winner Medical

 Advanced Wound Dressing Manufacturer Winner Medical

A dressing is a covering that is placed directly over the injured area and is made of ordinary dressing cotton gauze. The purpose of using a dressing is to cover and protect the wound from further injury, to absorb fluid exuding from the wound, and to help blood clot and accelerate hemostasis. The ideal dressing must be sterilized, soft and absorbent, and Winner Medical’s advanced wound dressing, with its soft texture and made of high-quality composite materials, are ideal for wound care.

Why has gauze been replaced by new material dressings?

Wound healing is required to be moist, not dry, preferably absorbing exudate, but able to remain moist at the same time.

In addition, wound healing also requires a low-oxygen confined environment. Dry gauze has none of these advantages, and it is very easy for outside environmental microorganisms to pass through and form adhesions with the exudate from ulcerated wounds, which can cause new wounds and tearing pain the moment you tear the gauze during dressing changes.

Why choose Winner Medical?

Winner Medical’s advanced wound dressing uses advanced imported large industrial-grade equipment. winner medical has the industry’s advanced equipment conditions, in the processing of raw materials without relying on third-party factories, using its equipment for processing, to ensure that high-quality raw materials are directly used in the production of products, to avoid Advanced wound dressing production process adopts automatic production equipment and integrated production process to ensure the quality of products can be controlled.

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