Exuma Bahamas Real Estate


If you are looking for real estate in the Bahamas, then look no further than Exuma. You will find many properties on this island and a large variety of real estate options. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. Luckily, you can make the search process easier by visiting one of the many websites that feature Exuma real estate. Whether you are looking for a beach house in the Bahamas or a more upscale property, Exuma has something for you. exuma bahamas real estate

The newest development to hit the islands is the opening of an airport in the Grand Isle Resort. This airport will boost tourism, which will translate into increased sales and profits for the Exuma real estate market. The Grand Isle Resort is located on the island and has 78 luxurious homes. The project cost approximately $110 million and is owned by individual owners who rent out their units three months of the year. With such a thriving tourism industry, Exuma real estate prices are set to skyrocket.

The Reserve is a prime example of Exuma real estate, offering ten prime waterfront lots just off the coast of George Town. The Reserve is close to the international airport and features some of the finest beaches in the world. Little Exuma, the island just west of Great Exuma, is a delightful mix of small villages. Another example of Exuma real estate is Blown Away, a resort located in the Reserve at Hooper’s Bay.

Another great place to look for Exuma real estate is the Out Islands. Located just 35 miles from Nassau, this archipelago is known for its laid-back island lifestyle and serenity. It’s an ideal place for yachters and sport fishermen who are looking for a quieter island getaway. You’ll be able to enjoy your vacation with family and friends without worrying about the hassles of everyday life.

The Exuma Land & Sea Park is a hidden gem. A visit to the underwater grotto at Staniel Cay is an unforgettable experience. You’ll have endless possibilities in this picturesque subdivision of the Bahamas. And if you’re looking for a beautiful beach, then you should consider purchasing real estate in Exuma. It’s time to make the move to this idyllic island!

The islands of the Exumas are separated into three districts. George Town is the largest settlement on the island and features pastel colored homes and gated communities. George Town, the main settlement on the island, is where most of the businesses and activities happen. The Fish Fry is another popular destination and is home to many shacks and quaint restaurants. Inexpensive homes are available in the Exuma Islands.

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